Is a Budget Really That Important???

I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day. Congrats to all of you newly engaged couples that are still floating on cloud 9! So your engaged...Now what? Perhaps you and your significant other want to enjoy the high for a while before diving into the wonderful world of wedding planning. For those of you who are ready to take a nose dive right into it lets talk about the most important aspect of planning your big day. No its NOT the dress! I hate to burst your bubble a little bit but chances are the wedding you've been planning in your little head is reflective of all of your Pinterest I right? But girl, lets be probably can't afford that lol. If you can however, thats amazing BUT that doesn't mean you should toss your budget out of the window.

I am all about a big celebration especially when it comes to weddings but I also like to set realistic expectations. Once you and your fiancé are ready to start planning all of the details of your wedding it's good to start bouncing ideas about what you both are envisioning so that hopefully you can be on the same page and then decide on a budget you can both agree on. Things to consider initially when deciding on a budget is the style of wedding you want, will it be local or at a destination and an estimated guest count. Do yourself a favor and write up a guest list (Note: this will change a few time). Keep in mind that a budget includes EVERYTHING. Literally any little detail that has to do with the wedding is part of the budget. From the ceremony and reception venue down to the underwear you'll be wearing! I'm not kidding.

It is so easy especially as a bride to get so excited and sucked into the wedding world that you want it all but trust me you don't want to come home from your honeymoon and have a pile of credit card bills waiting for you or a hefty loan that will take you forever to pay off. It's not a great way to start off your marriage.

Part of a wedding planners job isn't just making sure you have the wedding day of your dreams but also ensures that you don't totally lose your marbles and start spending way beyond your means. A good question to ask when meeting with a wedding planner for the first time is if they offer budget planning as part of their services. It's much easier if a wedding planner breaks down your budget for you so that you'll know how much you should be spending on what? And if you end up spending a little more on your dress for example then a planner can keep you on track by helping you decide whether you should spend a little less on decor or the cake etc.

I am currently working with a couple that really didn't have a budget set. When I got them thinking about how what would go into the type of wedding they wanted they agreed on a budget. But when they started looking at venues they fell in love with the venue that would cost them literally almost their entire budget. When I sat down with them again and they looked over the budget I outlined for them they realized that there was no way that budget was going to work for them. They either had to pick a different venue, cut their guest list in half or extend their budget. They loved the venue so much they decided to nearly double their budget. Now this is awesome that they are able to do this and they were happy to do so but this isn't the case with most couples.

Now I don't mean to scare you but wedding planning can get really out of control when you don't know what your doing. So even if you decide to do all of the planning yourself or don't have room in your budget to hire a wedding planner I would at least try to find a planner you can work with that offers budget planning services so at least you can have an outline to follow throughout the process. It'll make things less stressful, trust me you'll thank me later. If you have any questions about budget planning or any aspect of wedding planning please do not hesitate to reach out. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend...until next time. God Bless!

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