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Hey everyone and Welcome to my Blog! As you all know today is Valentines Day aka Galentines Day for all my single ladies but thats not what makes today so special. See today also marks the official launch of Ariana Delfi Weddings LLC! I am super excited to finally be on this journey after 7 long years of of contemplation...yes I know that's ridiculous but starting a business is scary ya'll! Now I'm going to keep it real with you guys, my passion for wedding planning actually came from planning my own wedding 7 years ago...except that wedding was called off 3 weeks before the "big day". I know what you're thinking, that's like every females worst nightmare but I made it to the other side and lived to tell about it lol. In fact its the best thing that could have happened to me which I'll get into in just a sec. After my episodes of ugly crying followed by fits of rage ended I realized that while I couldn't control what happened I could however, control how I was going to move forward. I decided then that I didn't have to miss how much I enjoyed planning a wedding and in fact I could make this part of my life. I decided this was my ticket to my big come back and became a certified event and wedding planner. But if I told you it was in fact my big come back I would be completely lying. Lord knows how many times I failed, how many more times my heart got broken and the discouragement that came along with life just kicking my butt!

Fast forward to 3 years later when I finally met my now husband...who is so fine might I add! It didn't take long for an engagement to happen but sure enough the enemy was after us since day 1. To be honest we didn't have the most romantic engagement. It was more bitter sweet than anything as we lost our baby boy when I was 4 months pregnant. While spending a few days in the hospital we just knew that we wanted to get married and so the planning started before the ring. My husband did however make up for it and did give me a proper proposal and presented me with a custom designed ring...of course because that's so like him! We were married 9 months later in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and it was exactly what I had always envisioned for myself.

Looking back at the wedding that never happened I realized a few things. First, I don't think I was ready to get married. Maybe my heart was in the right place at the time, I mean I knew what I wanted but I wasn't ready to be the wife that God intended me to be. Second, that individual although a good person wasn't going to measure up to be the husband that I was going to NEED. And last, that wedding just wasn't me. Sure it may have turned out to be beautiful but thats just the creativity in me. There was nothing about it that really fit my personality. PURPLE??? I don't even own anything purple. I mean for God's sake it was supposed to be a fall wedding and I can't stand the cold. What was I thinking? I look back and can't help but laugh now.

I have learned so much between my past heartbreaks and challenges that my husband and I have faced. Marriage is TOUGH! It isn't something to be taken lightly and that is what has given me the push that I've needed to start this business. Because even though marriage can be challenging, its beautiful and its a blessing and it should be celebrated. It should be celebrated because a couple that loves each other enough to take vows in front of the Lord deserves to be celebrated. My desire is to work closely with couples to bring their vision to life and to take on the stress of planning their big day so that they have more time to enjoy one another throughout the journey. Also, I'm happy to tell you're bossy mother in law, sister, negative nancy etc. to get lost! #byefelicia When working with me please believe I want it to be all about the bride and groom because after all the union is between the two of you and not the rest of the world! So thats about it for now. I'm super excited to meet newly engaged couples who are absolutely lost with their wedding planing! I will try to post at least once a week but if you have any questions in the mean time please reach out I'd love to hear from you. Hope everyone enjoys their Valentine's Day, sending you my love. God Bless!

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